How does Shazam work to recognize a song ?

So, you want to know how Shazam works? What is Shazam, you may ask ? Le’s say you’re in a bar, and they play a song that you like and you don’t know its name ? Shazam can help you find out what is the name of that song. Read the full article ...

Fix fieldset background color in Internet Explorer

So, you like Internet Explorer ? Me neither. Oh, don’t get me started… But sometimes we need to ship pages with support for Internet Explorer because there are still people out there to lazy to install a proper web browser.

Because of this, I decided to start an article series on fixing some everyday, more or less complicated, Internet Explorer issues. For the first article, I’ve chosen a very popular problem: changing the background color of fieldsets in Internet Explorer. As you may know, as soon as you change the color of the fieldset’s background, you’ll see that the color of the background will bleed at the top of the fieldset Read the full article ...

See solutions on Experts Exchange for free

So, have you’ve heard of Experts Exchange ? Most likely you did. Almost every time you search on Google about a programming problem that you may have, you stumble upon this website.

What is this website about? Well, the best description that comes to my mind is “a website like Stack Overflow“. Basically, a website where people come and ask computer related questions, and someone else come and answer them. The difference is that on Experts Exchange they charge you money to see the solutions.

Today though, I found a way how to see the solutions on Experts Exchange, for FREE! Read the full article ...

My Blackberry Is Not Working!

A funny and very creative video from BBC One… Read the full article ...

Make LineString resolution depend on zoom level in OpenLayers

So, you want to render a route on your OpenLayers map? Everything will be nice and sweet until you’ll have to render a huge route, in which case no matter what computer your clients have, most probably it will stall. To solve this you have two possibilities: you either reduce the number of lines you send from the server or you reduce the number of points rendered directly on the client’s browser.

Both solutions will raise a problem: if the user will zoom deep enough, they will see a discrepancy between the route and the road (the number of points in the route will not be equal with the number of point on the road). So, the round may do a turn where your route plotting will just cut the corner. To solve this, I found a very adaptive solution that will reduce the number of point in your route the further you zoom out. Read the full article ...

Unreal Engine now for iOS

So, how much can be squeezed out of an iOS based device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) when it comes to graphics? Apparently, a lot! So have proven the guys at Epic with their new Unreal Engine for iOS.

So, Epic came with an astonishing iOS game engine which was not a rewrite of the original Unreal Engine but more like an adaptation of it. That’s why the iOS version is packing a lot of features from his big brother like parallax mapping, weight maps, ambient occlusion, global illuminations, specular lighting and many others. Read the full article ...

Funny code comments

So, how to start ? It’s being said it’s always good to start with a joke. So, here is a collection of funny code comments:

const int TEN=10; // As if the value of 10 will fluctuate... 
stop(); // Hammertime! 
//When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing 
//Now, God only knows 
// if i ever see this

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