Coding a giant under the microscope: Farbrausch

So, you think that some nice 3D graphics require so much space that it would come on a DVD or a CD ? You are almost right… I say almost because there are this guys in Germany who would try to tell you otherwise. They are called by the name Farbrausch and are well-known on the demoscene …scene. They write some astonishing 3D computer generated animations that occupy as less as 64 kilobytes. That is so small it will fit almost 23 times on a 1.44 MB floppy disc. The secret behind this small size is the use of procedural textures, an efficient MIDI sequencer called Logic Audio (currently owned by Apple under the name Logic Pro) and a modified version of upx executable compressor.

.the .product

Their first true success was back in 2000 with the now famous .the .product, a demo that they’ve made for the 64k competition held at The Party

Bellow is the YouTube video of the demo, but you can download it from here.


This one is a little bit bigger, 177 kb, but its way more impressive regarding the graphics, the soundtrack and the “story”.  The images will speak for themselves. This demo was launched in 2007 at Breakpoint

Next is the YouTube video of the demo, but you can download it from here.


With .kkrieger they went even one step ahead and created a 95kb 3D first person shooter. The Farbrausch claims that if the content was packed in the traditional way, it will occupy 200-300Mb instead of 96kb. This game brought them two German Developer Awards. It was released in 2004 in the 96kb game competition at Breakpoint. It also won the competition.

Bellow you can see a video preview of the gameplay of .kkrieger and you can download it from here


This demo is the latest one from Farbrausch, being released in december 2010 . This one does not fall into the extremely small category, but it falls in the category of extremely stressful for the system. It will require you to have a fast quad-core processor and at least 1Gb of video ram for it to run correctly. Yes, correctly. It will not skip frames if the CPU will be fully loaded but instead it will break the shapes and the physics simulations inside the demo.

So, if you’re not having quite the machine to view this demo, you can enjoy the video of it bellow, otherwise you can download it from here

For a complete list of Farbrausch you can visit the listing on Pouet.


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  1. mircea says:

    minimizing “waste”, un-optimal coding/data structures at its best 🙂

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